Who We Serve

Who We Serve

The types of firms that typically turn to Anreder & Company include:

Service & Technology Vendors for Banks, Business and Wall Street. These firms have developed specialized knowledge or technology-enhanced services that increase productivity, reduce costs or help manage new laws and regulations. We help them launch new businesses, drive growth, build partnerships, and create trusted brands.

Investment Banking Firms. Investment banks have become increasingly specialized, focusing on target markets, activities or asset classes. We help them communicate their accomplishments in M&A, advisory and restructuring, as well as private equity investing, to attract new business and recognition within specific industries.

Hedge Funds & Private Equity Firms. Some like to keep a low profile, others want to be better known in order to attract investors and/or investment opportunities. Our deep experience and understanding of the industry and media enables us to counsel and implement effective strategies.

Publicly Traded Companies. With cutbacks on Wall Street, new communications technology and high frequency trading, it is daunting for small and mid-caps to strategize and implement well-managed and cost-efficient IR programs. We help these companies deal with everything, including quarterly results, conference calls, corporate announcements, M&A activities and offerings, corporate PR outreach, and building relationships on Wall Street.

Issuers of Municipal Bonds. As a result of SEC concerns about disclosure and transparency, states, counties and municipalities are leaning that it’s a new game maintaining investor support. Having significant experience with one of the largest issues of municipal bonds, we know how to formulate and implement effective IR programs aimed at credit rating agencies, and institutional and retail investors.

Companies / Executives in Crisis. A crisis can occur anytime these days. We have successfully assisted companies and executives in some of the most difficult and complex issues and situations, while mindful of business and legal proprieties.

Non-Profits Supported by Wall Street.  A growing number of private equity and hedge funds are “giving back” by supporting worthwhile causes.  We have developed special expertise in helping Wall Street and non-profits promote their causes so that all interested parties are viewed appropriately by the business, financial and consumer media.